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About Project

Over the years interaction with UCDVO volunteers from various disciplines has had a very positive effect on the CEDC and its attendees.

“The children learned a lot of Irish nursery rhymes and their English skills improved remarkably!”

Furthermore, Amita notes volunteers consistently came up with innovative ways to deal with challenges. An example she gives is how they shared cooking techniques with the local women:

“One of the boys knew baking rather well and he taught women how to bake a cake. In the absence of an oven they used something which is a very locally available utensil –a pressure cooker. They baked a cake, shared it and ate it…and this is something the women carry on, even to date.”

Sunita advises this interaction with the international volunteers was very empowering for the women as it facilitated a kind of opening-up of the self:

“At the start there is a kind of an inhibition, a holding back… but because they were meeting students in a very sustained fashion over a month, they become more open and talkative about their experiences. I think this is the most wonderful thing.”

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We love to give credits and shout out to who have supported us all the way since beginning to build an infrastructure to provide who are in need.

Since: 2006

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